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For some of us a successful life is a meaningful one where we stay true to our selves and our sense of purpose with a fierce dedication to the beauty path. That path however zigzags through paradoxical proportions of can-can't, start-stop, brave-scared, social-shy, trusting-betrayed, supported-alone, free- habitual, steadfast-procrastinating, … all of which illuminates the inner journey we share of the power struggles with our big and small selves within.
What are we to do? Wild Woman Wisdom knows the light and shadows we dance. She helps us hold great vision with humility, to make healthy boundaries of love with limits and to break free of outworn roles. Important skills are necessary for navigation in our psyche such as owning the power of our choices, keeping our sense of humor, valuing our fierceness and vulnerabilities, and communication that is an anchored in personal accountability.
Sacred ceremony, daily rituals and initiations become ancient doorways of homecoming from separation to taking our place within the natural world. What do you need to stay anchored to what you instinctually were born to know? ALisa shares years of learning that what we unlearn may be the most valuable asset in assisting with where we find ourselves before this Great Mystery we all face. For a new future we need to trust in the intangibles, trust our crazy wisdom in that which cannot be explained but is real and when we do, we are directed to our true north where we can leave behind a blazing trail where we bravely follow what brings us most alive.

"ALisa Starkweather's influence rests in her ability to plug directly into that divine feminine energy and carry women home to themselves on its current. ALisa is a master of creating the sacred space that allows for shifts in women's conception of who they are and the breaking down of limitations and the building up of new structures. Her work strikes a deep and resonant chord with women yearning for strength and connection. She challenges you to know and feel what is true and in this experience transforms lives." J. Lennon

ALisa Starkweather, with 28 years of facilitating women's empowerment as a visionary with formidable commitment to women's leadership is the founder of the Red Tent Temple Movement, Daughters of the Earth Gatherings, the Women's Belly and Womb Conferences, and the acclaimed women's mystery school, Priestess Path founded in 1998. A long time certified facilitator of Shadow Work, ALisa is the co-founder of Women in Power; Initiating Ourselves to the Predator and Prey Within, an international women's initiation with radical premises to help women free up via the archetypal portals that hold deep transformation. She is co-producer of the new documentary film featuring her work, Things We Don't Talk About; Healing Stories from the Red Tent and is published in the anthology, Women, Spirituality, and Transformative Leadership; Where Grace Meets Power. This autumn she is teaching a five part series online; Answering the Call; Birthing Your Fierce Feminine Life. ALisa has three CD recordings of her chants and spoken word and she is sure to move your hearts from love into action.

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