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Hawthorn: Walking with the Gnarly Old Hag
with EagleSong-Gardener & Susun Weed
March 5, 2018, 9:00pm EST

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After a long journey in a strange land and visiting 5 countries exploring Hawthorn, I came to appreciate the depth and meaning of the term herbal ally.

I don't know about you, but herbal allies sort of sneak up on me. After 20 years of tending and harvesting hawthorn in the same hedgerow in the beautiful valley where I live; cutting, drying, tincturing, flowers, leaves, berries, even the wood for touch-woods, making haw-butter and oxymel, scion wood, and learning how to graft...even after all of that...I did not really understand hawthorn.

One day, I finally broke under the weight of the phrase, "What's it good for?" As an herb teacher, I heard this simple phrase many times. But this particular day was the proverbial straw that "broke this camel's back" and, in no uncertain terms, I shot back..."I don't know? What are you good for?"

That, my friends, is when hawthorn spread her cloak over my shoulders and said, "Come on, EagleSong, let's go walkabout..."

'walk·a·bout ˈwôkəˌbout/ noun BRITISH
an informal stroll among a crowd conducted by an important visitor.
a journey on foot undertaken by an Australian Aboriginal in order to live in the traditional manner.'

Mine was a walking tour that lasted some 5 years...took me to 5 countries and revealed a landscape beyond space and time...
Hawthorn? What is she good for?
Join me for an adventurous tele-romp through many lands tracking the Gnarly Old Hag. Let's see what we find!

EagleSong-Gardener is an American herbalist, lifelong gardener, pilgrim-adventurer residing in the Pacific Northwest corner of North America; a woman passionate about connecting people, plants and earth for over 40 years... EagleSong is founder of RavenCroft Garden in Monroe, WA home of Healing From the Ground Up herbal apprenticeship and Director of the Pacific Women's Herbal Conference, a NW gathering of women who love plants. Journey with an Herbal Ally: Hawthorn

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