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Sister souls, it's time to revisit the very old Tree of life.
It is time to thaw our minds from the rigid modern mode and allow the sacred intuitive Spring to push through into our daily conciousness. We had not paid attention to the ancient blood connections, except the most immediate ones. Let us drape ourselves into the snow white garments of the renewal of our souls. Humbly move into the temple, rediscover the sacred soul presence and educate ourselves where we come from.

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Z Budapest teaches this course, What is Remembered Lives at Wise Woman University.
She is the author of the acclaimed The Holy Book of Women's Mysteries (1989) originally published in 1975 as The Feminist Book of Lights and Shadows. This book served as the first hands-on guide to lead women into their own spiritual/Goddess heritage.
The Holy Book of Women's Mysteries contains just about everything you need to know and then some for actualizing a goddess-centered lifestyle. This interview is for any woman seeking to know more about themselves, women's spirituality, and the goddess movement.


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