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"Down There"
with Ada Belinda DancingLion & Susun Weed
June 25, 2018, 9:00pm EST

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Join internationally renowned author, speaker and grandmother voice of the Wise Woman tradition Susun S. Weed and her Naturopathic NinjaWench former apprentice Dr. Ada-Belinda DancingLion for what promises to be a rich, original and helpful discussion on all natural methods on the proper care and feeding of "Down There."

Dr. Ada-Belinda DancingLion is a Naturopathic Doctor, Hypnotherapist, Certified Massage & Reflexology Professional, Aromatherapist, Certified Doula/Child Birth Assistant, Ordained Interfaith Minister & Spiritual Counselor, Community and Elder elected traditional West African/Native American Medicine Woman.She is a Peace Warrior and Sun Dancer in the Anishinabe' Nation, carrier of Eagle Medicine. Dr. DancingLion's healing training results from an apprenticeship that began at age 8 to her Lakota Sioux/Blackfoot great-grandmother Nellie Ruth. She continued her studies with Plant Geneticist & Traditional Cameroonian Healer, Elder Tabi Orang until his passing. Dr. DancingLion furthered her path with a live in apprenticeship with Elder Malik Del Mar carrier of the Yoruba West African healing rhythms of the drum and finally with a live in apprenticeship with Susun S. Weed.

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