Listen to the Replay of:
Healing Yourself with Dreamwork, Teleseminar
with Doug Grunther & Susun Weed

From June 12, 2014 at 9:30pm EDT

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Doing dream work is like entering a portal of fascinating and transformative energy. Dreams come to reveal important truths which can help us make significant life changes. They provide a more complete picture of who we truly are. Dreams offer us practical advice and can also serve as a profound spiritual activity, a means to psychological self-awareness and creative inspiration. Explore the symbols in your dreams; Extract the deeper meanings and apply them to major life issues.

Doug Grunther is a certified dream work facilitator and has been Woodstock, NY's most noted radio talk show host for over twenty-five years. Doug has been involved in dream work for ten years, helping individuals understand their dreams through dream groups and private consultations as well as on the radio. Through his own dream work Doug overcame chronic depression. He encourages dream work which is fun and playful as well as deeply healing and enlightening.

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