Listen to the Replay of the Teleseminar:
The Art of Energetic Healing
with Australian healer, channel, teacher
Suzy Meszoly & Susun Weed
From July 9, 2015, 9:30pm EST

Special Gift for Teleseminar Listeners:
All registrants will receive a month free of Suzy's weekly Friends of the Master Teachers membership program (4 activations and group call, valued at $25)
All registrants will receive 50% off a 30 minute healing and spiritual guidance session with Suzy (limited to Summer 2015)

Suzy is the personal healer of Susun Weed and her family, she has worked with them doing hands on healing and homeopathy for over ten years. Suzy has also contributed to Susun's books with homeopathic entries and they have worked together creating several Women's Health Symposia. Suzy founded the Art of Energetic School in 1999 when she came to America, from then Budapest, but is originally from Australia. She also works as a channel for the Master Teachers and has several books, CDs and youtubes. She is available by phone and Skype for international clients and sees people in her New York city and upstate offices.

"There is a central core energetic seed within us, one that is a completely sovereign field, that is untouched by time, experience, or story; it is timeless and quite literally spaceless. Finding this core, creating a viable and constant connection, and allowing it to be in command is the process. This core has the intrinsic force of integration. It is where we have the insight, the compassion, the unconditional love to allow for the integration of all experience. We do not work to release, purify or cleanse, we do not want to let it go, but we work to understand spiritually the root cause and effect; this brings about extremely powerful energy for the dynamic healing of all suffering.

It is that seed which we energetically and intellectually expand during the healing session, while at the same time, we dissolve the emotional charges of disturbing experiences from our past. I see these experiences as layers, layers upon layers that we have become accustomed to and are conditioned by eventually. These layers can obscure our vision, our radiance and our happiness should they become too dominant. Growing the inner divine core and making transparent the temporal experiences has become the most effective method in establishing vital health emotionally and physically in my work. Through twenty years of teaching groups internationally and seeing individual clients, I have understood that all our illnesses, acute and chronic come from a disturbance that evolves from a much deeper source then purely the physical realm. Using the energetic matrix of the body, we read the clues, receive the so-called psychic information, and delve into the root cause, bringing it like a scuba diver to the surface to be seen in the light of day."

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